Discover Your DISC
The DISC test results in your personal communication profile. You receive a 25 page report that helps you understand yourself and how to more effectively communicate with your prospectsTake Your DISC Test
Sales Training for You
Selling is complex, requiring a logical, consistent methodology. We teach you our easy to follow system and help you implement it. Take a look at our proprietary S.A.L.E. Logic System Read about the S.A.L.E. System
Sales Effectiveness System
Improving your current marketing and sales processes is key to driving long term, measurable changes and growth. We provide evaluation, planning and assistance in implementation of your new sales systemMore About Sales Effectiveness

Sales Questions

Asking Good Sales Questions Improves Results We all do from time of time. It gets down to who is listening. Ask the right questions and listen. Then present the right solution. The following is an...

Sun Tzu Using Twitter

How Could Sun Tzu Characterize Twitter? Sun Tzu is the original strategic marketing thinker responsible for the foundations of the books about The Art of War based on his exploits 2500 years ago. If you...

Your Email Campaign

Creating Your Successful Email Campaign Let’s get to work now on what makes a successful email campaign. First off, I firmly believe in being effective at the expense of beauty. Too many executives think their...
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